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There are different routes to becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) and becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) first, and attending an LPN to RN program is one of those ways. An LPN program is typically 12 months in duration, and it gives the candidate the opportunity to work in the nursing field and gaining experience while attending nursing school.

To make the transition from LPN to RN requires attending a bridge program. The bridge program must be offered at a school that is licensed and accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation. Completing the bridge programs allows the student to complete their studies and take the NCLEX-RN in about one to two years. The bridge program allows the student o receive credit for their previous nursing education and prove competence in the chosen field. The main focus of the LPN to RN program is to prepare students for next highest level of nursing and to pass the NCLEX-RN.

LPN to RN programs can be taken online, and students can earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Online classes allow the student to schedule their school work around life rather than scheduling life around school. Programs are also available in classroom settings for those who prefer that type of learning environment.

To apply to an LPN to RN program in Delaware, the student must submit a completed application along with a copy of their LPN license, and documentation to prove passing Physiology and Anatomy I and II, Applied Clinical Math, Composition, Human Development, Basic and General Chemistry, leadership development, communication skills and Critical Reading. Applicants must also pass the NLN Pre-Entrance exam.

Once all the classroom obligations have been met, and the LPN to RN program has been completed, the student is eligible to take the examination to become licensed as a Registered Nurse. The application must be completed by the applicant including the completion of the Authorization for Release form to request a criminal background check.

This must be completed as part of the licensing process even if a criminal background check was performed previously. The form must be signed by the applicant and notarized. Also, include a copy of a valid driver’s license or an official identification card issued by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. Request the nursing school to send an official transcript directly to the Board of Examiners.

If 12 months or more has passed since graduating from school, the applicant must also send a “Petition to Test” form, which can be obtained for the Board of Examiners. If 2 years have passed since graduating, the applicant will be required to take the NCLEX review course. If five years have passed since graduating, the applicant is no longer eligible for licensure by examination.

Once the applicant passes the exam, they can then apply to the Board of Examiners and be issued their RN license.

LPN to RN Programs in Delaware

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Delaware LPN to RN Schools

Find LPN to RN online programs that offer flexible scheduling and variable completion dates. Browse our list of nursing schools in Delaware that offer CCNE accredited LPN to RN programs:

Delaware State University LPN to RN

1200 N Dupont Road
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 857-6060

Wesley College LPN to RN

120 North State Street
Dover, DE 19901-3876
(302) 678-1401

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