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When looking to further your education within the nursing field, several bridge programs for existing LPNs are accessible. The state of Michigan recognizes the growing need and diligently tries to create more educational programs. However, most institutions still require physical presence in the class room, and online courses are not readily available. Some hybrid programs exist, but most of the curriculum has to be completed by attending regular classes. Those LPNs who can devote their time to become RNs can enter the programs offered at the community colleges or universities in Michigan. Most institutions provide four-year educational plan to transit from LPN to RN. Up to 10 credits can be transferred upon joining the program. There are few catholic nursing institutions in Michigan providing advance educational courses for LPNs.

About 75 percent of RNs in Michigan are employed at hospital based institutions. Those include community health centers, nursing facilities associated with the local hospitals and the prison system. Private sector of healthcare manifests a great need for nursing professionals; however, most applicants are inclined to enter the public healthcare system due to significant benefit packages while employed.

The benefits may include the cost of education being covered with the funds provided by the hospital. Most LPNs in Michigan choose this venue of employment in order to advance their education without facing the financial burden of repaying the student loans. When entering a financial agreement with the employer, some stipulations may apply. In exchange for receiving the funds to bridge the education from LPN to RN, some applicants may be required to complete the tenure period at the facility, which provided the funds. The time required may vary from 1-5 years of permanent employment.

As the population ages, more privately owned facilities offer nursing positions with attractive sign-on bonuses, medical insurance packages, retirement plans and continuing education possibilities. The Michigan Center for Nursing reports the ongoing need for 3,200 nurses each year to enter the field to meet the rising demand throughout the state. Flexible grant and student loans programs are also offered to ease the transition from LPN to RN. The loans typically do not have to be re-paid until the employment is found or six months after completing the educational program. The payments are generally calculated according to the student’s present living situation and affordability to pay back. The grant funds are awarded to low-income students and individuals with disabilities.

The job market in Michigan presently offers many nursing opportunities. However, the guidelines for employment remain strict. The demanding nature of the position requires diligence, dedication and devotion to the profession. It requires commitment and superb communication skills in order to succeed.

LPN to RN Programs in Michigan

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Michigan LPN to RN Schools

Find LPN to RN online programs that offer flexible scheduling and variable completion dates. Browse our list of nursing schools in Michigan that offer CCNE accredited LPN to RN programs:

Madonna University LPN to RN

36600 Schoolcraft
Livonia, MI 48150
(734) 432-5300

Northern Michigan University LPN to RN

1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855
(906) 227-1000

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