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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a degree for nursing that is strongly preferred and sometimes even required to secure an RN job in Kansas. This four year degree trains a student in nursing science and principles. To eventually become a registered nurse one must complete their coursework at an accredited tertiary education system or college. After completion of the degree program, one must pass the nursing licensure exam to become certified to practice. Unlike the two-year Associate‚Äôs Degree in Nursing (ADN), BSN graduates are geared less for bedside care and more towards nursing science, informatics, research and leadership. Bachelor’s level nurses can apply for positions in management, education and training, whereas less educated RNs are limited to direct patient care roles.

Some nursing license requirements are nationally administered. There are also specific state requirements that a prospective nurse must meet before he or she can practice in that state. Here are some requirements and information about becoming a registered nurse in the state of Kansas:

BSN Level Coursework

There are over 40 accredited schools in Kansas that offer nursing programs of varying types from diplomas to graduate degrees. Though most scholarships in Kansas are only for residents and are even particular to a specific county, prospective students who are willing to become nursing instructors may be eligible for a scholarship. The BSN degree coursework in Kansas is very similar to other states. In the first year students will take general courses that include some science subjects such as biology or psychology and general education materials. The second, third and fourth years are where highly focused nursing coursework begins. In the sophomore year, one will have mostly classroom instruction and lectures. Such instruction ranges in scope from nursing sciences and informatics. One will also be introduced to problem solving.

The third year is where clinical experiences are integrated with classroom instruction and learning. One will gain experience in clinical simulations and laboratories. In this year, a student is required to complete 12 hours of clinical experience per week. In the senior year, further clinical experience replaces classroom instruction. There are also several specialized classes that are offered such as health care for mental patients and health care for neglected children. In order to fulfill the requirements of this year, one must complete 16 to 24 hours of hands-on clinical experience.

Accelerated BSN Track

For prospective students who already have an Associate degree and would like to become a registered nurse, Kansas offers an accelerated BSN track. This track condenses the three-year nursing focused coursework into five semesters. After completing five semesters of nursing courses, one is eligible to take the nursing licensure exam to become a registered nurse.

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