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The BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program for nursing majors in Missouri is a 4-year degree program. It begins with liberal arts and progresses to the necessary nursing courses. When planning to major in nursing, the University of Missouri at St. Louis encourages students to apply as pre-clinical nursing students, but cautions that declaring nursing as your major does not guarantee acceptance into the nursing program. This holds true for most colleges and universities in Missouri. There is one exception to this rule: students admitted to the University of Missouri as freshmen who apply and are accepted under different, more stringent qualifications are guaranteed admission to the clinical portion of the nursing program assuming their college performance meets expectations.

To be officially accepted into the nursing program at most universities in Missouri you must meet basic grade point average requirements, complete all prerequisite courses, and often take a basic skills test. Some programs require letters of recommendation, essays or other information from the applicant and others consider only the overall GPA of the student’s coursework.

Earning a BSN degree is the preferred method of becoming an RN (Registered Nurse) but there are other ways as well. Junior or Community Colleges often offer programs that allow students to focus on nursing courses after prerequisites are met. This leads to an ASN (Associates of Science in Nursing). After completing a RN program at a community college, many students return to earn their BSN at a later time. Students who have an ASN can attend accelerated BSN programs to earn their Bachelor’s degree faster. Most colleges and universities in Missouri with nursing programs offer this option.

Missouri State University has a minimum GPA of 2.9. This is a change from a recent GPA requirement of 2.5. Most schools have a minimum GPA requirement between 2.5 and 2.75. Acceptance into any BSN program is usually very competitive, especially at Missouri State University. This program only admits 61 applicants each year to the clinical portion of the nursing program. Students who meet the minimum criteria to enter the program may not be chosen due to the limited space available. Academics are the only criteria considered at MSU.
Some colleges offer an accelerated BSN program to students who already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in another field. Cox College offers a 15-month on campus accelerated program for these students.

Chamberlain College of Nursing in St. Louis offers a 3-year BSN program for first time college students. The students attend classes year-round reducing the time to complete the degree. There are many nursing programs and various options for completing nursing education. Gather information online and in person so that you can feel confident that you are selecting the right institution for your education.

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