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If you are currently living in Louisiana and if you are already a registered nurse or if you simply want to pursue a career in nursing, you can look into pursing a BSN program, better known as achieving a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing. According to the Louisiana Center of Nursing, there was a total of about 48,300 registered nurses who lived in-state, which was almost a 15% increase from 2006. Most employment options for registered nurses and those with a BSN degree are more likely to find work in the nursing field in physician’s offices over busy hospitals in today’s economy, which is improving in smaller sectors of the health industry. According to the US government, nursing careers for those with BSN degrees will increase by 25% by the year 2018, reaching over 50,110 nurses in total in Louisiana by then.

BSN programs available in Louisiana are available for those who are considered undergraduates who have already obtained an Associate’s degree in another field, most often related to the medical or science industry. In Louisiana each year, there is an average of 2,535 students who graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing. Obtaining your Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing requires further studying in the overall science in nursing along with understanding more on health policies, political positions in the health industry and legal issues that arise with healthcare and nurses as well.

Online Versus Attending a College or University

There are programs from universities and colleges in Louisiana to obtain your Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing both locally and also right from home, online. Northwestern State University, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana Tech University, Delgado Community College, and Southeastern Louisiana University are just a select few college options locally that offer BSN programs in the state. The University of Phoenix is another option for obtaining your degree, but it is offered online online and from home, without interaction in-person with faculty or an in-classroom setting for learning.

When you take courses online, you should consider how testing is completed and the requirements for passing the courses. If you believe you will need more time spent with your teacher in person for help with coursework, it may be better to obtain your BSN degree from a local college or university rather than taking the courses from home without the support.

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