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The possession of a quality education and a useful degree lasts a lifetime. Nowadays, there are lots of people who want to complete a degree in nursing because of the many benefits of a career in health care. Being a nurse gives you the opportunity to work in a relatively stable field and provide quality care to patients in need. Those with a strong educational foundation have the greatest potential to be the best nursing professional possible.

Every year there are approximately 1,300 graduates from BSN programs throughout New Mexico. One example is the program at New Mexico State University where there are three options that students can choose from. First is the 4 year pre-licensure BSN track. Second is the RN to BSN option for those who are already licensed as a registered nurse but wish to earn their bachelor’s degree. And third is the Roadrunner to MSN degree option because the college is also offering Master of Science in Nursing. On the other hand, if you want to teach nursing there are also doctorate degrees that you can obtain from the university.

Another university that has a reputable BSN program is Carrington College. This school is best known for its advancement in science as they have unique training facilities to help the students learn. They have fully equipped science labs and The SimLink Experience™, which is a simulation lab that runs through computer-animated manikins and training scenarios to help students understand their tasks more as they are faced to semi-real life situations.

Many BSN graduates choose to become a nurse after finishing school because they hope to develop their career as a registered nurse in New Mexico. The average salary for registered nurses in the state of New Mexico ranges from $45,000 to $90,000 per year. If you are truly interested in the science of nursing and you value the preservation of health and welfare of others, nursing might be the right path for you.

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